Top Things You Should Know About Female Sexuality

Female sexuality varies from one woman to another. But there are many basic things that men don’t know or understand when they find a woman online. Another thing men must know while dating single women from an online dating service is that female sexuality is related to culture. In some place, women are more open to exploration as compared to other countries. So let’s explore the secrets of female sexuality.

10 Tips you must know

  1. The woman is packaged in a way that she can have multiple and more intense orgasms than men because of the clitoris.
  2. Having an orgasm alone by intercourse is often difficult and in some cases impossible. Therefore, while online dating, you must try to sext.
  3. Foreplay is a must for women because this gives the genital organs to get ready for intercourse. Better foreplay will lead to longer sex.
  4. \Women love it when you talk about how sexy they look or how good they are during the sexual act. This heightens their emotions. There are online forums on the online dating site.
  5. Women actually come faster and better when sex positions are changed quite often.
  6. Clitoris stimulation with a vibrator while intercourse is one of the best ways to make her masturbate.
  7. Women often have one type of sexual position at which they have an orgasm and they usually save it for the last or when they at the height of sexual stimulation.
  8. Every woman has a few weak spots like the nipple, neck, abdomen, thighs or waist which when caressed raises the stimulation 2-fold.
  9. They also want to have sex just like you. They might not say it outright but you can see some signs like cooking your favorite food, wearing something different or wearing lingerie within.
  10. Finally, women are emotional beings. A few words of appreciation and saying some things about how much you love her and how much care for her are good ways to stir things up.

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