Best Sex Positions To Try If You’re Bored In Bedroom

An online dating site can help you to find a woman online. There are so many local singles looking for both women and men on an online dating service. An online dating service facilitates how local men can meet single women. Dating sites like this give us a diverse rage of singles for serious relationships or casual hookups but sometimes sex becomes boring and uninteresting especially when it is just a regular routine. The best solution is to try something new. Some of these positions are :

  • Exciting
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to perform
  • Complex

Try these sex positions to make your sex life unforgettable

Reverse Cowgirl

This is just the regular cowgirl with a slight change. The only difference is that face the opposite direction. It’s a great position to try because you can control when you get an orgasm. It also gives more room for deeper penetration.

The seated scissors

Let your partner sit up in a straight position with both legs open. Make sure one leg rests on your partner’s hip and the other between the legs. This position allows you to control how deep your partner penetrates.

The plow

While in missionary, you need to lift both legs so that you can rest your ankles on your partner’s shoulders. Rolling on your back when your partner penetrates allows you to distribute the weight of your body during penetration.

The butterfly

This option is in the category of difficult sex positions. It is more intense because your partner can pull themselves deeper. Basically, it requires you lying on the edge of the bed. Your partner should then pull your hips.

Standing position

If you are tired of being comfortable you should consider the standing position. Stand facing the wall and have your partner stand behind you. Place your hands on the wall for support when your partner penetrates you.

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